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Your Lip Care Guide for Natural Looking Lips

Your Lip Care Guide for Natural Looking Lips

Most of us have our day to day beauty regime that we all swear by but have you ever wondered what’s missing from it?

Still thinking? We may have solved it for you…your lips!

Lisa Borg, Expert Nutritionist explains that lips are part of our skincare routine that we usually forget the most, but they shouldn’t be. With only a thin layer of skin, our lips tend to decrease as we age due to the loss of collagen.

She also explains, that sunlight depletes collagen in the lips so it’s important to keep them protected by a lip balm, and also keep hydrated by fluids as the lips suffer first when dehydrated.

Here’s a few tips to help.

Begin your routine with a lip scrub. L’Occitane have a scrub called Meli-Melon, perfect for removing the dead skin cells, leaving the lips smooth and hydrated. Unlike other lips scrubs it isn’t harsh on the lips, as it has a jelly-like consistency. 

Follow with a nourishing lip oil to give a subtle shimmer to the lips, making them look nice and glossy. I tried ‘Spicy Nude’ which gave me a less intense shine to my lips than a lip-gloss. However, I wouldn’t leave this to be your main lip companion for the day.

It’s important to keep your lips hydrated and moisturised with a lip balm. This helps keep them silky smooth too.

Similar to the lip oil a lip balm could come in at this step.

The Too Faced Hangover Pillow Lip Balm is an ultra-hydrating and nourishing lip balm that lasts on your lips. Not your usual application for a lip balm as it comes in a tube with a wand applicator. It has a subtle coconut scent and it gives you a clear gloss look for your lips. It’s a great product for a more natural look but also works as a lip gloss for your full makeup look.

Next up to finish your lip care routine.

See Also

Why not add a nude lipstick? A nude shade keeps your lips looking natural and compliments any skin tone.

Lush, a brand known for sustainability and sourcing their ingredients ethically have a lipstick refill, which can go into any of your old lipstick cases. Their Dark Nude shade is full of hydration, and includes ingredients like candelilla wax and jojoba oil base. It’s a cruelty-free product, with a range of colours. They have encouraged a great way to recycle lipstick tubes and a sustainable method to just buy the part you actually need of the product.

Diego Dalla Palma Nudissimo Lipstick is a full-coverage lipstick, so it may go better with a full makeup look. Again it’s suitable for all skin types, vegans and hasn’t been tested on animals. It’s a creamy texture leaving a matte effect.

Sticking to that matte effect. The Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick Set comes in a liquid form, instead of the traditional lipstick consistency. Some may prefer this, as you have more control over the product. With this set you get three different shades in mini versions, so it’s perfect for testing which shade works best for you or which one is your favourite.

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