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It’s A 90’s Punk Revival With CHARLES & KEITH’s Latest Collaborative Collection

It’s A 90’s Punk Revival With CHARLES & KEITH’s Latest Collaborative Collection

Pleated tartan skirts, leather jackets, fingerless gloves and kohl-smudged eyes, the 90’s punk aesthetic was one to remember, with many of its trends reappearing or making somewhat subtle influences on the fashion we wear today. But this season we’re truly getting to channel the bold era as CHARLES & KEITH are back with another collaboration (you know we love each and every one!) but this time, the brand are partnering with independent footwear brand, both. We told you it’s one to get excited about!

Known for their unique use of rubber across their designs, the Paris-based brand sees its innovative style fuse with CHARLES & KEITH to create a contemporary collection based around the art of imperfection. Centred around the punk vibes and urban-chic streetwear aesthetics from the decade, we are introduced to a capsule of varying footwear and bag styles that perfectly fit this colder season and every one to follow.

Inspired by the ancient Japanese art form of Kintsugi, a traditional method of using gold to mend cracks in ceramics of to bind broken pieces together, an array of accessories have adopted the effect as a metaphor for embracing flaws and imperfections. The collection makes an appearance in three colours of black, white, and a unique print of gold marble foil overlaid on top of a lemon-yellow background designed specially by the duo (we just have to get our hands on it all!)

Iconic footwear styles from the Singaporean fashion house, the traditional Chelsea Boot and Chunky Loafer silhouettes, have been reimagined in a new form with both’s experimental curved rubber soles. Tapping into the grunge streetstyle-inspired vibe typically seen on youths in Camden in the noughties, the addition of platforms distort known perceptions, balancing on and off-duty wear. Across the footwear styles, seams have been broken and underlaid in gold or silver, accompanied by hammered metal toe-caps to help shatter societal norms.

There can’t be a CHARLES & KEITH collaboration without bags! These must-have 90-inspired silhouettes have a futuristic twist to bring them into 2022, baguette bags have been dressed with chunky maximalist straps whilst structured bucket bags feature a magnetic closure that folds over for that sleek elliptical form. Of course, sticking to the true punk subculture, removable chains and charms encourage wearers to explore and express their individuality in any way that choose. Pairing nicely with the loafers, the bucket bag is adorned with a statement buckle that wraps around its body to capture the essence of the new generation.

Leaning into each of the brand’s strengths, the pair pushed the boundaries of design with this contemporary collection stemming around a one-of-a-kind rubber technique, ‘The blending of our brands’ sensibilities was very natural. Innovation and experimentation form the backbone of our design ethos, and we have a strong collaborative spirit in our roots, as active players in the global creative circuit,’ says Design Director of CHARLES & KEITH, Fredie Stevens.

We are always looking to capture the culture, mood and people of a certain period, and this collection is an ode to the transgressive spirit of punk, reflected in the youthful zeal of the new generation, who have challenged and redefined the boundaries of so many norms

both, Independent footwear brand

It’s time to channel your inner punk chic as this capsule launches today! We’ve got our wish list ready, wbu?

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