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Celebrating 10 Years Of Weekday With Iconic Pop Culture T-Shirts

Celebrating 10 Years Of Weekday With Iconic Pop Culture T-Shirts

It’s Weekday‘s 10th birthday! Celebrating their past decade in the fashion market, the Swedish fashion brand has crafted an anniversary edition of their much-loved Project Zeitgeist – printed t-shirts launched each week that reflect the current events and topics that popular culture have currently been engaging in.

Preserving a selection of the most iconic t-shirts to help future generations understand our times, Weekday has prepared the t-shirts for the future with the help of specially designed boxes that are guaranteed to last for more than 3000 years. Constructed using mostly stainless steel, the box can protect its contents from temperatures up to 800°C.

After first launching in 2011, the physical pop-culture diary by the human race captures an understanding of our worries, humour, the concept of a meme, or even what a celebrity is. The limited-edition printed t-shirts are embellished with culturally relevant messages and memes, and after over 500 releases, the street style-inspired brand will continue its decade-long tradition with new creative designs each week.

I couldn’t imagine 10 years ago when I designed the first Zeitgeist t-shirt that it was the inception of something that would become such a big part of our brand.

Annika Berger, Print Design Lead at Weekday

The global anniversary campaign will see Weekday working with a selection of Zeitgeist Guardians, a group of people that will take care of a box each for the rest of their lives. Each Guardian has signed a contract promising to stick to their commitment and find a suitable heir who will continue the same mission!

Head of Design at Weekday, Anna Norling says: “We have always kept our community in mind and close to our hearts, and we are proud and excited to be launching a unique project that involves them from a lifelong perspective.”

Weekday’s time capsule Zeitgeist tees have definitely become a series of collectables for our generation, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Weekday website for new drops every week.

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