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Black-Owned Fashion Brands To Support Now and Forever

Black-Owned Fashion Brands To Support Now and Forever

It is no secret that actions speak louder than words and as independent shoppers, we hold the power to reinvent the industry, to positively change a fashion narrative and champion inspiring brands. So let’s allow our words to teach and your actions to speak as we curate an elevated selection of luxury fashion labels that you should be supporting. Join us in celebrating diversity, shaping the fashion industry into a more racially representative space and supporting authentic black-owned fashion brands this month and every month.

Drawing inspiration from iconic, nostalgic hip hop females and aiming to reinvent the fashion industry one bold print and splash of electric colour at a time, premium womenswear brand Farai London are home to a selection of striking dresses, sculpting two pieces and playful bodysuits. Think daring cutouts, showstopping prints, flattering silhouettes and intricate detailing and you will not fall far from the brand’s effortlessly stylish pieces. Crafted from high-quality materials and unique patterning, their modern contemporary designs allow women to exude natural confidence through celebrating beauty both authentically and unapologetically.

Enriched with culture, empowered with heritage and radiating the opulence of traditional African design, authentic womenswear brand Sika’a is a true illumination and abundance of black-owned beauty. Paying attention to fine detailing and championing traditional yet contemporary prints, the brand’s unique designs transcend timeless style and represent an eternal moment of unity and inclusivity. Amongst voluminous maxi dresses, elegantly structured tailoring and vivid printed accessories, the empowering brand stand for more than just fashion.

Classic yet contemporary, trend-focused yet timeless, elegant yet experimental, is becoming synonymous with unisex clothing brand Manière De Voir. Striking a harmonious balance between relaxed loungewear and elevated streetwear, the label pay attention to fine detailing and sharp silhouettes whilst executing clean-cut minimalism with maximum impact. The brand are home to a range of easy to wear everyday pieces from utility cargo trousers, wrap neck puffer jackets and colour block track pants to mesh bodysuits, leather corsets and cropped blazers, perfect for the evening.

On a mission to redefine fearless femininity, contemporary black-owned fashion brand The Cutt Label is here to remind us that there is comfort in the uncomfortable and certainty in the uncertain when it comes to being beautifully unconventional. Created for powerful women by powerful women, the brand’s exclusive elevated pieces achieve a sense of simplistic beauty through a deep focus on sharp silhouettes, clean lines and dreamy muted colour palettes. Their curated designs crafted from sustainable materials are consciously produced in London as well as utilising a sustainable, fair and circular production chain across the journey.

When it comes to captivating designs and balancing the harmony between powerful structural detailing, form sculpting silhouettes and the nonchalant fluidity of flowing fabrics, no one does it quite like luxury designer Laquan Smith. Cultivating a distinctive aesthetic of elevated glamour with a daring cutting edge, his eponymous label is one that is loved by the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian and there is certainly no wonder why. From asymmetric mini skirts and deep plunge dresses to monogram twin sets and lace detailed fabrics, eclectic style is perfectly translated across his experimental designs.

Channelling the creative intricacy and radiant beauty of the Nigerian fashion landscape through modern sartorial designs that will certainly command attention and stand out from the crowd, Ontario-based womenswear brand Uloani is one to watch this party season. The label is home to a curated selection of evening pieces including asymmetric dresses, relaxed wide-leg jumpsuits and chain detail tops that are rich in colour, experimental in silhouette and striking in texture. Fusing traditional ostentatious style with the modern subdued elegance of Canadian aesthetics, the brand’s striking designs are available on their official website as well as Wolf & Badger online.

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