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The Pattern Project Brings DIY to London’s Doorstep!

The Pattern Project Brings DIY to London’s Doorstep!

Sustainability and conscious manufacturing is the way forward for the fashion industry, and whilst many companies are taking steps to ensure they are becoming more eco-conscious – the Pattern Project is taking a different approach.

Pattern Project is a South-London micro-factory created by Shruti Grover and Simon Johnson, committed to making clean, urban and local manufacturing of clothing possible! Providing customers with Sew-It-Yourself Kits and Ready-To-Wear clothes, all created by their own lightweight, low-emission machine and software for on-demand production of clothing – the PP-cutter.

The duo is taking their micro-factory on the move and creating a pop-up shop in Brixton, where crafty and creative Londoners will be able to select fabrics, pick designs and have them cut and sewn right in the store. The pop-up will be open on the 18th-20th March and again between the 26th-27th of the month. With prices ranging from £14-£150, the hub of DIY will feature designs by; Phoebe English, Sophie Hawkins, Needle+Cloth and many more!

Check out Pattern Project’s website for more information on how to join in and welcome the future of low emission, locally made, affordable custom clothing and help provide a new retail experience, without sacrificing sustainability!

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