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The Go-To Products For That Summer Glow

The Go-To Products For That Summer Glow

Undoubtedly, glowing skin has been a major beauty trend of 2020. The popular radiant complexion was highlighted on the AW20 catwalks, with many of the models sporting the minimal, glossy makeup look. Whether worn in the summer months, or even in Autumn/Winter, this trend is perfect for any season. We have found 11 products to help you achieve this minimal makeup look.

Mavala – Skin Vitality Healthy Glow Serum and Day Cream

The Skin Vitality range from Mavala make great additions to your morning skincare routines. This duo add a subtle glow to your complexion, making it a perfect base for your makeup – or even the no makeup days! These products leave the skin feeling hydrated, without the sticky feeling. The anti-fatigue aspect is also a positive, protecting your skin from stress and ageing. Check out the range here.

Holy Grail Beauty – 5-in-1 Rejuvenating Facial Serum

If you are looking for natural skincare, Holy Grail Beauty offers 70% organic formulas. The 5-in-1 facial serum is a treat for the skin, working to brighten the complexion. The velvety, gel-like formula leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated, with a subtle glow on the cheekbones. This serum works to prevent any damage to the skin caused by sun and pollution, definitely a must-try for those exposed to these elements often. Check out the serum here.

Anatomē – Avocado Night and Day Face Oil

A face oil is a necessity within any skincare routine, with many vitamins to help promote the health of your skin. This Avocado Night and Day Face Oil from Anatomē is the perfect addition to your skincare collection, as it is suitable for all skin types and packed with natural eco-friendly ingredients. The avocado increases collagen in the skin, helping to brighten and reduce signs of ageing. This oil also includes Seed Grape, which is great for ageing skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This oil will leave your complexion feeling supple, ready to start the day or head to bed! Shop here.

Avocado Illuminating Face Oil – £38

Rosalique – 3-in-1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula

If you struggle with redness, this is definitely a product to try out. You can use the Rosalique 3-in-1 formula daily, as part of your skincare routine or as a primer before makeup. This blue coloured cream is great to use under your makeup, working to cancel out any redness. Although, if you plan to wear it on its own, be prepared it does leave a grey/green tint on your skin. This product also has SPF 50 which is an important aspect to help protect your skin from sun damage – especially in the summer. Check out Rosalique here.

Rosalique 3-in-1 Anti-Redness Formula – £29.99

Utan – Almond Mylk Tanning Mist

The Utan Almond Mylk Mist hydrates your skin to maintain a healthy glow. It is also great to use during your makeup routine, as a primer or dewy setting spray, to get that natural ‘glow from within’ look. The product is fast-drying, therefore is not sticky and does not transfer – making it suitable to sleep in. The mist provides a subtle but noticeable tan after 4-6 hours, without any streaks or clinging to any specific areas. Find the Utan Almond Mylk Tanning Mist in Superdrug stores or here.

Utan Almond Mylk Tanning Mist – £18

NARS – Tinted Glow Booster

The NARS Tinted Glow Booster is a must have for your makeup bag! This hydrating complexion enhancer smooths skin and enhances its natural glow. It provides a golden glow for all skin tones, with a dewy finish. The booster can be worn alone, under foundation or as a liquid highlighter on the highpoints of the face. There are 4 shades in the range, depending on your skin tone. This product is versatile, whether you wear makeup or not – it is a product that you can use in different ways depending on your preferences. Shop the Glow Booster here.

500NARS Tinted Glow Booster – £28

Embryolisse – Complexion Correction CC Cream

This CC Cream from Embryolisse is a universal skin perfector that adapts to your unique skin tone. This CC cream offers a high coverage look, using a soft focus effect to blur imperfections, fine lines and pores. This base product also keeps your skin moisturised, giving radiance to the complexion. A great aspect of this product is the SPF 20 which helps to protect your skin from the sun – great for those summer days in the sun! Check it out here.

Embryolisse CC Cream – £29.99

Charlotte Tilbury – Beauty Light Wand

Blush has been making a comeback, especially creams and liquids for that natural flush of colour. This Light Wand from Charlotte Tilbury is a liquid highlighter blush, perfect for giving you that soft focus beauty glow. This product leaves your complexion looking radiant, with a high gloss effect. The Beauty Light Wand comes in 6 shades, catering for various skin tones. If you are into your blush, this is definitely a product to check out, here.

Pillow Talk Medium Light Wand – £29

Iconic London – Brow Cushion and Brow Silk

The feathered soap brow has been a popular for some time now, and the trend is not disappearing anytime soon. The natural, fluffed up brow originated from many online makeup gurus placing hand soap into their brows to make them stand up, hence the name soap brow. Iconic London’s Brow Silk is the perfect clear formula to feather your brows whilst locking them into place. Their Brow Cushion, coming in four different shades, is also ideal for those wanting to fill in any sparse gaps in the brow. Shop Iconic London’s brow products here.

Eye Candy MegaLash – Lash Serum Mascara

If you are missing your lash extensions or looking for something to regrow your lashes, this is perfect for you! What is great about this product is that it is 3-in-1, appearing as a mascara whilst also adding instant voluminous lash fibres and acting as a lash serum to help grow your natural lashes. The lash fibres in this cruelty-free mascara are noticeable, increasing length and definition. Eye Candy also offer other serums for your lashes and brows, check them out here.

MegaLash Lash Serum Mascara – £19.99

Fenty Beauty – Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is the perfect way to finish off any glowy look! This Gloss Bomb by Fenty Beauty is a super shiny gloss that adds subtle definition to the lip. Coming in 6 shades, this universal lip gloss is nourishing, leaving a smooth finish – without the sticky feeling. This gloss is like a highlighter for your lips! Shop the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bombs here.

Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer – £17
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