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Soap Bars To Take Your Self Care Routine To The Next Level

Soap Bars To Take Your Self Care Routine To The Next Level

A bar of soap isn’t just the thing that sits in a dish on the skin until it gets replaced by the liquid hand wash, oh no. Not only do they mostly come in minimal packaging (a nod to sustainability, especially with options to buy recyclable tins so travelling with your bar is made easy) they also have multiple uses and are an essential for any self-care routine. Keep reading for soap bars that’ll treat your body, brows and hair!

Starting off with a classic that’s been around for years but recently went viral on TikTok as content creators use it as a cleanser to help with acne flare up’s – the Original Beauty Cream Bar by Dove. This bar of soap is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body, it will leave your skin silky smooth with the addition of ¼ moisturising cream.

Credits: @dove on Instagram

Handmade with plant-based oils and butters, and with activated charcoal, House And‘s Tone & Cleanse Soap lathers for use on oily skin to help clean and balance. Lemongrass essential oil is infused throughout the formula to wake the senses- sounds like an excuse for a self-care date!

Boost circulation and remove dead skin cells with the Coconut Olive Oil Scrub Soap by The Soap Loaf Company. The coconut fibres in the bar gently exfoliates, whilst the coconut oil works to tone, moisturise, soothe, even and protect the skin!

The Happy and Joyful Solo Nine Shampoo and Body Bar by No Secrets Beauty will leave your hair and skin gently cleansed and healthy (with an added high shine finish). The all-vegan product includes the new happy and joyful blend of essential oils including, mandarin, lime, bergamot, grapefruit, ginger and davana- a real treat for the senses!

Keep your locks clean and healthy with the LUSH Avocado Co-wash bar. Create a hydrating lather by working the wet bar into your hands and applying it to your scalp and hair thoroughly.

Soap doesn’t just have to be for the body or hair and where have you been if you haven’t heard of ‘soap brows’? Perfect and hold the fluffy look with The Original Soap Brows by West Barn Co. The formula is super strong, but the packaging is designed to travel for those bad brow days, it also contains moisturising ingredients to nourish the delicate skin.

Credit: @westbarnco

Introducing the brand-new Elasticity Bar from Earth Kind. This is a pre-wash hair treatment mask bar to restructure, restrengthen and recondition hair where it needs it most. It’s suitable for all hair types but especially for those that need that extra TLC!

Finally, the Gentle and Balance Solid Shampoo from L’Occitane. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper and the product itself is made with 98% biodegradable ingredients making it a super sustainable option! The shampoo bar is made with nothing that’ll damage your hair whilst respecting and maintaining the scalps ego system and PH. Ideal for every hair type.

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