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Our Top 7 Skincare Products for Clearing Congested Skin

Our Top 7 Skincare Products for Clearing Congested Skin

Battling blemishes, fighting acne and purifying your breakouts can be a difficult daily task, not to mention experimenting with different brands and attempting to find a product that you couldn’t imagine living without, thankfully we have collected a range of effective treatments to best decongest the skin that may become your next go to. Stick around for our top natural skincare products that may become the key to rebalancing your complexion and feeling beautiful in your own natural skin. Hopefully, we have hit the spot with our top picks!

Committed to cruelty-free and vegan skincare products, Upcircle Beauty sources its ingredients from by-products and champion the power of the circular economy. The brand’s coffee face scrub is a gentle exfoliator perfect for dry and dehydrated skin that aims to buff dead skin cells. Blending cleansing rosehip oil, anti-inflammatory sweet orange and nourishing shea butter with Arabica coffee grounds sourced from coffee shops, this vegan scrub is strong in antiseptic qualities that work to effectively relieve acne and breakouts. Apply the scrub to a damp face in circular motions before rinsing with warm water.

Upcircle Beauty Coffee Face Scrub – £12.99

Establishing a harmonious balance between authentic ancient principles and effective modern remedies, revolutionary skincare brand Dermatology M secure the quality and efficacy of organic, handmade formulas by sourcing their own raw herbs that transform into restorative products beyond conventional creams. Refining, calming and toning, the brand’s vegan, cruelty-free spot treatment gel is one that cleanses deep within the pores and rebalances naturally oily skin textures – as well as lifting inflamed acne and pustular rosacea. Through its blend of natural acids fused with tea tree oil, aloe vera and lavender essential oils, the treatment perfectly re-energises and refreshes. Best results that will leave your skin feeling as refined as ever are achieved by applying directly to a spot or breakouts on the face between three and five times a day.

Dermatology M Fei Zi Shui Spot Treatment Gel – £16

Working to reduce imperfections and natural skin redness, Typology Paris’ soothing serum contains a high concentration of niacinamide which promotes microcirculation and reduces redness to achieve a balanced finish. Packed full of ingredients working to strengthen the skins natural defences and enhances its ability to heal from impurities. Suitable for all skin types and textures, the universal product prevents the appearance of tired, dull complexions and improves the general appearance of the skin with ease. For best results apply the serum three to four drops a day through small circular motions every morning and evening over the course of at least four weeks.

Typology Paris Unifying Serum – £23.70

Protecting your natural complexion, strengthening its external defences and treating the skin as a functioning ecosystem, the gentle deep pore cleanser from Institut Estherdem Paris is the perfect effective ritual to cleanse and eliminate heavy impurities within the pores. With its creamy texture and clinging quality that thickens and whitens as it massaged into the skin, the cleanser is best applied in small dabs across the face and rinsed thoroughly to purify and refine the complexion whilst relieving visible blackheads. The brand is built upon ecobiology, embracing natural resources and formulas that maintain youthful glows, preserve the skin’s natural balance as well as slowing down the premature ageing process.

Institut Estherdem Paris Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser – £28

Taking care of your skin today, tomorrow and always, science-based brand Paula’s Choice is home to a range of revitalising skincare products. Their gentle lightweight BHA lotion exfoliant works hard to soften and hydrate the natural skin whilst removing blackheads, blemishes and impurities. Containing natural plant oils, antioxidants and 2% BHA (salicylic acid) which sheds built up dead skin cells, the product soothes dry textured skin and uneven finishes, replacing them with a radiant, velvety complexion. For effective results, begin with applying one to two pumps to the face and neck after cleansing and toning but do not rinse.

Paula’s Choice Skincare Skin Perfecting BHA Lotion Exfoliant – £29

Believing in optimising skin health to slow down the ageing process in the long term and using prebiotics to make functional changes to the skin’s qualities, vegan and carbon neutral company Esse is the key to lifting your daily rituals. With the help of their exfoliating clay mask, the skins impurities and unhealthy toxins can be drawn out and replaced with a hydrated finish and refined touch through a blend of leaf extracts, coconut oil, shea butter and lavender oil. Apply a generous amount to the face, leave to set for five to ten minutes and rinse gently with warm water.

Esse Skincare Clay Mask – £36

For a brand calibrated to blend tolerance and synergised formulas to achieve maximum consistent results from your daytime applications to night-time rituals, look no further than Decree. With their refreshing therapeutic products sectioned into daily and weekly regimens that are both simple yet effective, the brand is home to refined treatments that can slot into your day with ease. The brand’s deep cleanse detoxifying clay enriched with exfoliating fruits acids, anti-microbial zinc and soothing sulphur aims to decongest, repurify the deep natural pores of the skin. The product is best applied thoroughly all over the base of the face extending down to the neck then removed using a face cloth and warm water.

Decree Deep Cleanse – £55
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