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Okiki Skincare’s Luxurious Rebrand With Love & Care At Its Roots

Okiki Skincare’s Luxurious Rebrand With Love & Care At Its Roots

It is safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic and multiple home lockdowns incited many changes for businesses across the world, one being the beauty industry which found many independent brands adjusting to a new sense of normal. Amongst presenting its many challenges, for Okiki Skincare the pandemic has been a time of rebranding. Think new designs, new colours and not to mention some new limited edition products. The brand’s lavish new look exudes elegant luxury, opulence and timeless style whilst remaining authentic to their true identity of selling handmade skin and homecare products that continue to celebrate the beauty of culture and heritage.

Founded in 2016 by mother Ade and daughter Antonia, the duo draw inspiration from their Yoruba roots fused with the qualities of British upbringing. The luxurious skincare brand make home to natural products sourced from high quality ingredients and enriched with a hint of family value and traditional recipes.

As if we couldn’t feel any more excited by their fresh new rebranding, the company have also launched a selection of brand new products. From a new scented soap candle handcrafted using premium soy wax and warm to mystical essential oils with packaging crafted from bamboo trees, the new collection is certainly one to lift your collection.

Other spotlight products include the bestselling Nana Yaa Serwah feminine candle now arriving as a diffuser, and a limited edition Olive Oil and Rose Soap bar infused with madder root known to ease acne and reduce skin irritation.

The new rebranded products will be available from the store’s official website from tomorrow so be sure to head to Okiki Skincare for indulgent, luxury products touched with tremendous love and care.

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