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Milan Fashion Week 2022: The Fiercest Collections from the Fashion Capital of the World

Milan Fashion Week 2022: The Fiercest Collections from the Fashion Capital of the World

Milan Fashion Week has landed and it’s here to make a statement. February saw the start of Milan Fashion Week 2022 where designers from across the globe debuted an array of vibrant and creative collections inspired by powerful stories. MFW focused their attention this year on honouring ethical and sustainable fashion, creating projects to honour the new and emerging brands who use these eco-friendly and diverse values as a fundamental component in the production of their collections.


Minimalist brand ANTEPRIMA took to the Milan Fashion Week catwalk with a mission to empower and inspire women, the colourful AW collection, “Fearless Heart”, celebrates female self-respect and inner strength with the pieces reflecting brand’s philosophy; ‘smart, precious, with love’. The collection is designer Izumi Ogino’s personal portrait dedicated to all women, encouraging them to unapologetically be their most authentic selves. Featuring striking patent leather pieces, combined with oversized padded coats and layered contemporary knitwear, the collection calls on the confidence of women to mirror the way they feel inside, on the outside.


Of course, it only makes sense to credit the designs that GUCCI brought to Milan Fashion Week. The fashion giant blended a contemporary look with business formal, mixing in a variety of materials and textures, keeping it classy but with an edge. The autumn/winter collection, entitled ‘Exquisite Gucci’, prominently featured sportswear brand Adidas with the brands’ iconic logo plastered on the pieces as part of an upcycling project Gucci undertook. The collection embodied gender fluidity, aiming to continue to loosen the definitions of what is masculine and feminine and continue to open doors for individuality and self-expression.


Milan Fashion Week’s projects for upcoming designers – ‘Designers for the Planet’ saw sustainable Italian fashion brand, Vernisse, bring timeless classics back to the runway through reinvention. Using archived fabrics and accessories, Vernisse created a collection deeply influenced by their Roman roots, as well as incorporating unique Mediterranean designs. Designers Eugenia Penta and Francesca Filipo used velvets, peplum collars, denim and vintage button-ups to execute their re-imagining of their twentieth-century collection.


Displaying an unexpected collection for fashion week, MSGM introduced Astrophilia, an extreme minimalist collection with a dark palette broken through by shimmering tones. The collection featured ruffles, patent leather, fur, beaded and embroidered pieces alongside heavily sequined mini-dresses and tops. The catwalk also explored sensuality and ‘dressing to impress’ and boasted some extraordinary designs, from second-skin suits to long flowing mesh dresses, MSGM brought a collection to remember to the Milan Fashion Week catwalk.


The “Sud” collection by AMOTEA draws on ancient Italian culture, acting as an ode to the traditional techniques ancient creatives used. The collection consists of a multitude of different coloured silk jacquard fabrics, all made using looms from the late 1800s, adorned with handmade flowers, fringes and frills – the catwalk collection aimed to provide a multi-sensory botanical experience by implementing uncommon prints such as butterflies and blue herons, and whilst the collection is timeless and classy, AMOTEA ensured to debut transitional pieces that translate into urban fashion seamlessly.

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