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Cream of The Croc: Will You Fall For Fashion’s Unlikely New Obsession?

Cream of The Croc: Will You Fall For Fashion’s Unlikely New Obsession?

Crocs are for the sunburnt dads on vacation we here you say, for the hard workers who unconditionally favour functionality over style or better yet for the naïve young kids that didn’t know any better. Nowadays if you just wait long enough, something completely unfashionable will eventually end up becoming on-trend, something completely uncool will eventually end up becoming cool and this could not have been truer for the Crocs brand. Functionality met fashion, practicality met performance, and suddenly the notorious sandal-hybrid shoe was not just your unsightly throw on footwear to put the bins out but more a statement of daring, outlandish fashion that developed an unusual cult following, one concerned with cultivating a fashion-forward image.

Voted one of the 50 worst inventions of all time by Time magazine back in 2010, the quintessentially ugly shoe has experienced a major fashion revolution over the past year but many are still left unconvinced. Ultimately, this is the marmite of the fashion world, you will either love it or hate it, but one thing is for certain, once you’re in… you’re in.

First things first, style notes aside, the unisex practical clog strikes the perfect balance between the carefree shoe and comfortable slipper. Since the brand’s conception in early 2002 with every intention of being the perfect boat or even spa shoe, Crocs have been crafting practical footwear in a range of over 100 styles, colours and silhouettes, inspired by Italian design and expert craftsmanship. Made from Croslite, a lightweight, foamy resin material that is both soft and wipeable, the shoes are breathable and odour resistant, finding a natural home in the workplace, the kitchen or the hospital.

During the global pandemic, many turned to the crocs brand for comfortable, easy to slip on footwear during intense hospital work or remote meetings. Perfect for those who are on their feet every day, the brand launched a free pair for healthcare scheme during the coronavirus outbreak which offered free footwear to essential key workers. But look forward to post-pandemic times, it still seems the demand for Crocs is on the rise, but this time prioritising niche street style over practicality.

Any cult shoe naturally welcomes a host of unique, innovative collaborations, but perhaps none quite as novel as what the Crocs brand has to offer. Elevating into the high fashion industry and making us believe that Crocs are something we should all be wearing, in 2016 Christopher Kane controversially paired his opulent, luxury dresses with marbled patterned clogs embellished with crystals during London Fashion Week. Following in his Croslite footsteps, Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga and certified master of modern experimental fashion, sent his models down the runway in 2018 in an unapologetic four-inch platform croc that lead to many naturally divided fans. The exclusive collaboration, which sold out in just minutes was home to a range of striking colourways from candy pink and Amarillo yellow to brown and black neutrals, embellished with branded pins and playful animations.

From limited-edition collaborations with playful illustrator Takashi Murakami and rapper Post Malone to streetwear brand Pleasures releasing a rock royalty infused punk collection (and not to mention the infamous pairing with KFC championing chicken drumstick prints and personalised Jibbitz – that believe it or not actually smelt like deep-fried chicken!) the Crocs brand has certainly elevated to new heights. But it doesn’t stop there, more recently the brand collaborated with Justin Bieber’s Drew House during the global pandemic. Arriving originally in the signature yellow and now in a pastel lavender shade for the second drop, the unique shoes are personalised with Jibbitz charms inspired by characters from the Drew House community.

So you’re probably wondering just how exactly do you style crocs. No these do not simply house footwear or for the moment when you throw on the easiest pair of shoes. Crocs have become a summer statement to team with relaxed fit jeans, whimsical maxi dresses, printed mini skirts and quite frankly any fashionable item of clothing in your wardrobe. We have collected our favourite celebrities sporting their Crocs to give you some summertime inspiration should you fall fashion victim to the unusual trend.

No one does it quite like the girls of Blackpink when it comes to fashion. Taking effortless style and the ease of streetwear to the next level, Jisoo perfects a casual off-duty look by pairing her black Crocs with an oversized hoodie, relaxed-fit jeans and her staple Dior mini bag, not to mention her initial customised Jibbitz.

Push fashion’s boundaries even further and pair your Crocs with socks like Ariana. Teamed with an oversized sweatshirt, cross body LV bag and her signature high ponytail, the singer shows us how to achieve a playful yet stylish outfit, perfect for the chillier winter evenings.

Who says Crocs are limited to casualwear, Nicholas Braun defies all elements of fashion, making a red carpet statement by pairing his navy Crocs with a tailored suit. But maybe that is exactly what is so ground-breaking about the trend? The fact it totally shouldn’t work but somehow it does?

Alongside their classic clog silhouettes, elevating us to new heights, the brand has also released a new fashion-forward platform range, perfect for adding height and elongation to any summer outfit. Shop our favourite Crocs styles below:

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