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Beauty Brands Paving The Way For Change This World Earth Day

Beauty Brands Paving The Way For Change This World Earth Day

Celebrating World Earth Day’s 52nd birthday this April, we’re looking to the brands that place sustainability at the forefront of everything they do, inspiring beauty fanatics to shop products with the Earth in mind.

Pleading to beauty powerhouses at the Vogue Business and Shopify Sustainability Forum last year, COP26 President Alok Sharma, said: “The fashion and beauty industries absolutely define each age. And today, we need your help to define this one, as the age the world gets a grip of the climate crisis.”

According to the latest figures by British Beauty Council, the beauty industry in the UK is worth £28.4 billion, with an amount so staggering, the contribution to climate change is even more so with packaging making up 70% of the industry’s waste, most of which ends up in landfill- a major cause of global warming.

Developed in 2020 with sustainability as a non-negotiable factor, BYOMA is one of the many brands that are using World Earth Day as a chance to minimise the effects of the climate crisis which the beauty industry has had a hand in creating.

Their already developed packaging scheme allows for more efficient shipping due to the square shape of each product, lowering their carbon footprint, whilst being able to print information on all four sides of the product, helping customers make environmentally conscious choices.

For World Earth Day, however, BYOMA is ramping up their efforts, Founder Marc Elrick said: “We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to help effectively offset carbon emissions by planting trees for a cleaner, greener planet.

“A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to the charity and their Million Tree Challenge. We’re just getting started, sustainability is an ongoing priority for the team.”

Marc Elrick, Founder of BYOMA

BYOMA isn’t the only brand that’s going that extra mile on the 22nd, natural haircare brand Noughty are taking to local schools to talk all things upcycling and sustainability with students in their new community outreach project.   

It’s clear that change is not only desired by brands themselves, but also the beauty buyers. Research by Futerra found that 88% of consumers want brands to do more to help them make a difference including using less packaging, clearer recycling instructions and providing environmentally friendly ways to use products.

Rachel Parsonage, Co-founder of Noughty, said: “We are constantly evolving as a brand just as consumers are constantly evolving in their wants for ethical, sustainable product solutions.”

Rachel Parsonage, Co-founder of Noughty

According to the same report from the British Beauty Council, the global natural beauty market is estimated to hit £17 billion by 2040, if we continue to use brands that advocate for sustainability whilst being climate conscious in their practices, a healthier planet can be prolonged.

“Small changes, when made by a large group of people over time, can make a significant impact,” said Rachel Parsonage.

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