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Afro Hair Care Ranges, Holiday Makeup Launches and Biodegradable Beauty Balm

Afro Hair Care Ranges, Holiday Makeup Launches and Biodegradable Beauty Balm

Beauty news is back and this week we are talking all things hair! We take a look at the latest hair products, with Lush’s Afro hair care range and RadSwan’s sustainable Afro hair wigs! For all you makeup lovers, we have all of the recent launches prepping you perfectly for the festive season. Not forgetting a 100% biodegradable beauty balm and an exciting fragrance discovery subscription box!

Lush Expands Afro Care Range

Lush launches a range of six products catering specifically to afro hair needs. The brand partnered with Afro Hair Care specialist, Sarah Sango to curate the range, including a co-wash, 2 conditioners and 3 styling products. Identifying the need for Lush to expand their range, Sango used her family recipes, community and knowledge to formulate the products.

When I look at these six products sitting together, I think joyous thoughts, knowing from cleansing to defining my style there is finally an Afro Hair Care range available for the community in every Lush store. Afro hair is a journey, and mine with Lush is just getting started.

Sarah Sango, Afro Hair Specialist

Milani Launch New Eyeshadow Palettes

Milani releases a new trio of eyeshadow palettes, with the Gilded range. The three palettes, Gilded Luster Light, Gilded Nude and Gilded Twilight, feature an assortment of hyper-pigmented, rich eyeshadows. From bold berries and romantic mattes to chocolate browns and deep purples, these intensely striking palettes are perfect for the winter months.

L’Occitane Release Holiday Lipstick Range

Inspired by ripe and juicy fruits, L’Occitane launch their holiday lipstick range. Coming in 3 bright and festive colours, these lipsticks offer more than just a pop of colour! Created with Vitamin E and essential oils, they work to condition and plump your lips, whilst giving you intense pigment. With this creamy texture and satin finish, this lip range will ensure you are set for the holiday season.

Green People Launch Biodegradable One Balm

November saw Green People launch its One Balm, this natural and organic beauty balm is designed for all genders and skin types. From double cleansing to cracked heels and cuticle care, this nourishing balm aims to calm the skin. This product also marks the first 100% biodegradable packaged product from Green People.

With the launch of One Balm, Green People have taken an important step towards reducing our reliance on plastic packaging. At the moment this new packaging material is only suitable for cosmetics made without water but we hope that future developments will allow for greater use of this innovative new packaging.

Charlotte Vøhtz, Green People Creator

Floral Street ScentSchool Box Launches

Floral Street announce the launch of their Scentschool Box, a concept created around visual and interactive perfume discovery. With a guide to discovering your favourite scents, this one-of-a-kind experience aims to educate you in the art of fragrance, with a range of ingredients from around the world.

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We are a dynamic fragrance brand, and my mission was always to bring scent connoisseurship to a wide and curious audience, in a fun, modern and responsible way, and all at an affordable price.

Michelle Feeney, Floral Street Founder

Conscious Beauty Brand RadSwan Announces Launch

Lifestyle brand, RadSwan announces rebranding with the launch of their sustainable Afro hair wigs. Designed in collaboration with Nubian Skin, the RadShape wigs have been created with that natural-looking finish, and lace matching your own skin. The innovative fabric recreates a natural illusion hairline, allowing you to part your hair freely and messily without having to worry about your hairline. The brand celebrates and empowers women, making wearing wigs fun, whilst tackling the issues around the politics of black hair.

Hair is one of the ways we’ve always expressed ourselves, forever reintroducing our various angles to a constrained and biased world.


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