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We’re Getting Well-Dressed & Ready To Impress As Pret Drops Fresh Collaboration With The UK’s Top Fashion Designers

We’re Getting Well-Dressed & Ready To Impress As Pret Drops Fresh Collaboration With The UK’s Top Fashion Designers

Partnering up with three of the UK’s top fashion designers, well-loved sandwich shop, Pret A Manger is unexpectedly helping us up our style game for the new season. With a fresh drop of chic seasonal scarves for SS22, the collaborations celebrate the boldest and most innovative season of salads ever at Pret.

Mirroring the elevated newness of the salad range, each scarf bares striking and eye-catching designs that reflect the fresh flavours and high-quality ingredients of the lunches. With designs arriving in the style of each exciting and fashionable name, the lunch chain announced its collaborations with Richard Quinn, Ashish and Daniel w. Fletcher, as they take on an item from the new menu to replicate into a fashion-forward accessory. Made fresh every day in the Pret kitchens, the designers were each given one of the three new Spring salads to use as inspiration, from the Miso Chicken & Greens Salad Bowl and Pesto Pasta Salad Box to the Tamari & Ginger Aubergine Salad Bowl. But for a limited time only, the recipes are leaving the four walls of the kitchen, as they help customers to be as well dressed as their lunch.

Runner up of Netflix show ‘Next In Fashion’, Daniel w. Fletcher worked his magic from the Miso Chicken & Greens Salad Bowl, focusing on the fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients. The striking design spotlights the pickled cabbage, crunchy carrot, and vibrant lime from the dish, completing the 100% silk scarf with motifs of broccoli, mint, and edamame soya beans – before being garnished with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

When I’m having a busy day in the studio, a Pret salad always gives a boost to get me through and the Miso Chicken & Greens Salad Bowl is my new go-to, so I was so pleased to be able to get involved with this campaign supporting the fantastic work The Pret Foundation does to help alleviate homelessness.

Daniel w. Fletcher, Fashion Designer

Second up on the menu, Richard Quinn takes on the vegan Tamari & Ginger Aubergine Salad Bowl, showcasing the freshness and vibrancy being brought to the SS22 menu. Placing the aubergine at centre stage, upon tamari-inspired 100% black silk, we also welcome other key vegetables from the recipe, including radish and edamame beans to give the scarf the same layers of interest as the salad does.

We are delighted to be partnering with The Pret Foundation – it is such a great cause, helping those most in need. Our design, inspired by the Tamari & Ginger Aubergine Salad Bowl, spotlights the fresh and colourful ingredients that Pret is so well known for. We can’t wait to eat this ‘well dressed’ salad once it hits the shelves this summer.

Richard Quinn, Fashion Designer

The third tasty offering comes from Ashish, who featured hand-drawn imagery of Tubetti rigati pasta, fresh mozzarella, chargrilled peppers and roasted tomatoes from the new Pesto Pasta Salad Box. Bringing to life the Italian flavours that this salad combines, the designer also pays a playful homage to Pret’s French name (and French dressing used within the dish) with a ‘Bon Appetit’ message across the designer’s well known two-tone coloured print.

It’s been great to work with Pret A Manger helping to launch their new range of Spring salads that are as tasty as their iconic sandwiches. It’s hard not to be inspired by such fresh ingredients and vibrant flavours. More importantly, I’m happy that this campaign supports a valuable cause – all proceeds go to The Pret Foundation, to continue its mission of alleviating homelessness, poverty and hunger.

Ashish, Fashion Designer

But don’t Pret (see what we did there?) because the lunchtime love doesn’t stop there, the chain also introduces more newness to the collection, with features including Scandi Style Salmon Rye Roll, New Yorker Rye Roll, and Aubergine Parmigiana Rye Roll. Plus, plenty of vegan, veggie and flexi options exclusive to Veggie Pret stores!

The scarves will be sold via Pret’s Instagram page – with the proceeds going to The Pret Foundation, helping alleviate homelessness, poverty and hunger. Priced at just £30, the limited-edition scarves are available to purchase now via Shopify on Pret’s Instagram page. It’s always a bonus to look good whilst doing good!

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