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Top Tips And Advice On How To Manage Maskne Breakouts

Top Tips And Advice On How To Manage Maskne Breakouts

A word we never anticipated to be a skin dilemma this year was “Maskne”. You may have seen this word flying about, but what is it exactly?

Maskne (mask-related acne) is caused by your facial covering ‘trapping’ dirt and oil in your pores.

As the Government introduced compulsory guidelines in England on the 24th July (and is also the case in other countries) to wear face masks in all enclosed spaces, it’s had a knock on effect for people wearing them for long periods. It has been a-lot more common in medical professions, with surgeons and dentists, but now beauticians, taxi drivers and the rest of the general public are starting to experience it after wearing face coverings all day, everyday.

Dr Jaskaren Midha, a skin doctor has shared some tips to help keep your maskne at bay and not hidden behind your mask.

Why are face masks causing so many of us to struggle with our skin?

This is because whilst you are wearing a mask and breathing or talking into it, it will tend to start trapping hot air behind it. This air creates a humid, warm environment on your skin under the mask where bacteria will love to thrive off. Where these bacterial imbalances and sensitivity are caused where your mask has been rubbing on your skin it can cause acne, flare-ups of rosacea, dry skin and ‘periorial dermatitis’ – pimples and blocked pores appear around the nose/mouth.

What is the best way to avoid & treat the dreaded maskne?

  1. First up you will want to keep your mask clean. Disposable/ single use masks are a great way of doing this, however it is costly in the long run to keep having to buy them. Some of you may opt for a reusable facial covering. With these you will need to rinse, disinfect / clean and dry to keep your mask clean and your skin clear and under control beneath the hotness of your mask.
  2. Re think what you’re putting on your skin. Experts may recommend to wear moisturisers, SPF and lightweight emollients to protect your skins barrier underneath the mask, just be careful to not over do it. Try and use more of a lightweight face of makeup. With your skincare don’t apply to heavily either as this can clog up your skin also.
  3. Step up your skincare routine. If you want to banish maskne, try investing in some products which have certain targeted ingredients to treat your skin. Start with using foaming cleansers and products that contain breakout busting ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree. However if you’re struggling with sensitivity and dryness lightweight emollients can help restore lost moisture.

If you’re not sure where to start with finding a good cleanser, look no further we have some great foaming cleaners worth a try.

Tints of Nature Tea Tree Cleansing Foam

The Tints of Nature Tea Tree Cleansing Foam is a great face foam that is fresh on your face to prevent breakouts. It’s a hand and face wash enriched with tea tree oil, a great ingredient mentioned above by our expert as ‘breakout busting’ and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. This cleanser is also vegetarian and breakout friendly.

From £8.45

Green People Face Wash and Mist

Below we have two recommendations from Green People to use on your skin along with expert tips from the founder of Green People Charlotte Vøhtz for each different product.

Foaming Face Wash: A soap free daily facial wash great on all skin types with unique anti-blemish formulation. The Green Tea, Clary Sage and Bergamot work in synergy to purify and clear the skin. Charlotte advises to gravitate towards Green Tea and this is a key ingredient in this product to help balance blemish-prone skin.

Toning Hydrating Mist: A soothing alcohol free skin tonic and cooling facial spritz for instant skin hydration. It’s also great to use after applying your make up to ‘set the face’. Charlotte says this product is good for mask wearers because of three reasons.

  1. It’s made with ultra-hydrating organic aloe vera – this is soothing
  2. It contains skin-healing plant hormones – deliver anti-inflammatory and stimulates new skin cells.
  3. It’s natural plant extracts deliver an emollient effect- marshmallow root used relives skin redness and protects skins natural supply of hyaluronic acid.

Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel

The Bioderma Sebium foaming gel will gently purify the skin and remove impurities. It can be used on both the face and the upper body to reduce clogged pores. This cleanser is best for oily to combination & acne prone skin.

£10.80 (200ml)

Now we have your skin covered we also wanted to give you some inspiration for stylish face mask, we’ve found you a great brand that is a subscription service of masks delivered monthly.

Jo Jo Creative Designs

Jo Jo Creative Designs are UK’s first fashion face covering subscription service, where fashion lovers can not only stay safe but look fabulous also. The Essex-based business created this service perfect for people on the go and who want to add that little extra to their outfits. Each monthly subscription can come with a minimum of 3 reusable masks.

From £12.99 a month

All the brand’s specially designed breathable and washable face coverings made from high quality fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and scuba. They are also made to fit on any face comfortably with options for men, women and children.

Have a read of ‘The Best Places To Shop Stylish Face Masks’ for more on stylish face masks.

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