The spring itch: how to save the planet when you want this season’s wardrobe

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It’s that time of year again: Instagram is awash with sunny beaches, tanned limbs and spring vacations. And of course, with that, comes the latest fashion trends ahead of the summer months. The warm temperature has us dreaming of sartorial pastures new and all things fashion fresh.

From big, billowing sleeves and sparkling, bejewelled headbands to lace features on summer garms, it’s all about this season’s latest. It’s also, however, all about saving the planet.

Whether it’s Attenborough, the Duke of Sussex or London’s extinction rebellion, everyone is talking about climate change. We’re saying no to single use plastics, Greta Thunderberg is the name on everyone’s lips and millions of people are calling on the government to declare a climate emergency.

Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Gucci are just some of the names leading the way on the designer catwalk with the likes of H&M following in their footsteps on the high-street.

Stella McCartney F/W 2019

Therefore, in times of such environmental tension, how do we freshen up our wardrobes without contributing to the wasteful fashion cycle? How do we enjoy the new without causing damage to the present?

We’ve been brainstorming at FROW to come up with some green ways of getting your summer fashion fix.

Gucci S/S 2019 ©

Embrace the joys of second-hand

Vintage and charity shops line the nation’s high Streets. eBay is a name everyone knows. Therefore, embracing the joys of second-hand is an easy way to reduce your fashion waste footprint.

The reality is, we already have plenty of clothes here on planet earth. It’s not a question of need, it’s a question of want. Breathing new life into what we’ve already got is a quick and easy way of making a difference.

Donate to charity
In the same vain, it’s vital that we donate usable clothes to those in need. From charity shops and hospitals donation points to homeless shelters and refugee camps, our perfectly good items can make a world of difference to those who need them. What’s more, by giving them to someone who will benefit, they also avoid a life on a landfill site. Everyone is a winner.

Swap with your friends
Organise a swap shop with your friends ahead of your summer holiday. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. They might be bored of their white denim from last year. Why not exchange it for something of yours? Not only is it a green way of sprucing up your wardrobe but it’s also wallet friendly.

Recycle what you’ve got
We’re all guilty of turning our backs on once beloved clothes because we’re feeling uninspired. But, with a little creativity and TLS, something old can be loved once again. Dig out your sewing machine or recruit the help of a friend who can. Turn old jeans into shorts, add hems to old dresses, dye boring shirts or add collars to plain t-shirts. An afternoon of DIY could be more fruitful than you thought.

Up-cycled kimono from Kimono & Co

Invest in forever clothes
If you are desperate to buy something new, do so consciously. From high street favourites to designer, some of the biggest brands are now offering green, organic and fair trade alternatives. Before you buy, ask yourself where the clothes are from, who has made them and how long you’ll love them. Well-made, timeless pieces are more likely to remain your fashion friend for years to come.

M&S’s Recycled Polyester Pack Away Mac – £16
Asha sunglasses by Pala Eyewear made from recycled plastic – £75

Do you have any planet saving fashion tips you’d like to share? Tweet us or tag us in your Instagram posts. We’d love to hear your green ways.

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