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Sustainable Essentials: Make The Change Your Toiletry Bag Deserves

Sustainable Essentials: Make The Change Your Toiletry Bag Deserves

Whether you travel a lot for work, planning a well-needed break, or back and forth from your bubble households, we’ve got your toiletry travel bag covered!

Hospital Doctor and Fashion Buyer Catherine and Catherine realised there was a gap in the market for a beautiful and sustainable toothbrush so created Truthbrush. It’s made of sustainable bamboo and plant-based bristles and will look super cute in your bathroom and toiletry bag.


Alongside the toothbrush, we have the Truthpaste which was developed by Marissa Battrick who is passionate about natural, cruelty and waste-free products. With benefits from Aloe Vera, Neem, Myrrh and being palm oil-free, there are no artificial chemicals being used in this product and the natural properties help fight bacterias in your mouth. The toothpaste comes in a jar which is reusable and recyclable along with the label being compostable.


For deodorant, we have the perfect product for you. Wild deodorant is a sustainable, cruelty-free and all-natural product with a mission to shake up the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products. With lots of different fragrances and colour cases to choose from this deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day. It’s aluminium recyclable cases and the ingredients used are derived from nature, which is suitable for sensitive skin, making this a no brainer alternative deodorant for you.

From £12

Reusable sanitary pads is an idea that is perfect for whilst you’re on the go. Mama Designs know the fear for us women running out of sanitary pads – now we don’t need to worry and we are helping the environment too. These pads are soft, discrete and absorbent with a 100% cotton top and 100% waterproof bottom, which you won’t get with supermarket sanitary products. You can carry on with your day, whilst feeling comfortable as if it’s not there!

From £13

For a biodegradable, sustainable and plastic-free product for your toiletry bag, the Eco-Warrior Mini Cube will be your go-to. It includes a shampoo bar, shaving bar, sensitive facial bar and exfoliating bar. With different citrus and fruity smells in each bar, they are made with their own bespoke essential oil blend.


It has been estimated that over the course of a year, mini-bar sales could save the environment from over one million single-use plastic bottles.

Next, we have a female-first razor brand Estrid. The razor is vegan and includes Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter strips on the blades, perfect for your skin, planet and your body.

From £7.95

The brand offers a subscription service to replace the non-animal substance blades. Once you’ve chosen a razor, you will also receive a matching attachment for the wall and a silicone pouch to place it in.

Another product great for your travel bag are the Moxi Cleansing Pads.

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The face pads are infused with a cleanser including Aloe and Carrot extract and most importantly free from any skin irritant. They are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, which is great for any stubborn makeup. And if that’s not enough…the pads are biodegradable! Just add water to the pad and you’re good to go.

Also for your face and body we have Kear. Their pure products embrace their Grecian authenticity, whilst using simple but effective ingredients such as natural beeswax. Their products are free from synthetic chemicals, toxic preservatives or any other unsafe ingredients.

The AntiOxidant Face Balm is a versatile product, which is effective on the neck and under-eyes, as well as being used as a moisturiser and a night/day cream. A small amount goes a long way and leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling sweet. The Hydrate Relax Body Oil is a non-greasy and lightweight oil used to moisturise the skin and also ease any skin discomfort and irritation from dryness. It can also be used for a muscle-soothing massage.

Lastly, to finish off your eco-friendly toiletry bag the Go Green Wetbrush is a revolutionary brush that is able to glide through tangles without the pain and damage to your hair. With its Wetbrush IntelliFlex bristles it will bend around the knots without pulling the hair. This brush is made from all-natural biodegradable plant starch making it break down naturally in landfill within five years. It’s great for all types of hair whether you’re old or young so you can go through life with pain-free tangles.


It’s so important to use sustainable toiletries where you can. Let’s face it we’re always going to need them, so why not try and use ones better for the environment.

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