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Stylish and Sustainable Makeup Accessory Savers For Under £10

Stylish and Sustainable Makeup Accessory Savers For Under £10

We pretty much use makeup accessories everyday, whether it be a tweezer, wipes or sponges to name a few but have you ever thought about using reusable, cruelty free and recyclable ones?

A study by The Life Cycle Assessment Centre found that 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Unfortunately, the beauty industry is one of the worst offenders. Most products are packaged in nasty cellophane or non-recyclable containers which leads to consumer confusion as to what is able to be recycled.

The National Geographic found only 7% of plastic waste is currently repurposed. So what can you do as a consumer of beauty products? It’s all about being smarter with the choice of products and brands you are using.

Well we’ve done the thinking for you and found you some great products to consider and even better they are all £10 and under.

You may use tweezers to sculpt your brows before you start your makeup routine, well the So Eco Tweezer Set are the most gorgeous set of tweezers you ever did see. Not only do they look good but they are also good for the environment and animals. The high quality hand-crafted stainless steel set of tweezers are made by brand So Eco who are an accredited brand, focussing their products to have a lower impact on the environment. A set of four beautiful tweezers that can be used on your brows and other areas. You can find them at Beauty Bay, LOOKFANTASTIC or SoInvogue.


You may be applying your foundation and concealer with a beauty blender. Switch tonTropic Pure Precision Beauty Drop Sponge which uses hypoallergenic and latex-free materials for sensitive skin. It’s a versatile teardrop-shaped sponge that will ensure an even professional finish to your makeup. Tropic is a multi award-winning brand with a range of skincare and beauty products and they use the most effective ingredients nature has to offer.


After your makeups all done you are obviously going to want to check what you look like. Why not swap that compact mirror for a bamboo one, which is a renewable resource. This eliminates plastic from the product which is slow to degrade. Bamboo does however degrade as it is a wood. Check this one out at Zao essence of nature, an ideal size for any makeup or handbag.


When it’s time to take off your makeup, ditch those cotton pads you brought and invest in some long term ones that are hand and machine washable by Tabitha Eve. The Reusable Make Up Rounds contain naturally antibacterial bamboo and are made from organic cotton. Each Eco-friendly pad feels silky soft on your skin. They are simply washed and reused making them much more gentle for the planet. Whether you’re using them to remove makeup or apply toners, they are still biodegradable and a better option for us all.


Lastly, you will need somewhere to place all these accessories, and we couldn’t have it be your usual makeup bag, of course, it had to be eco- friendly. Doodle bag has the perfect one. A Fairtrade & Organic Make Up Bag, which can also be personalised. It’s a great size for makeup or toiletries and handy for when you are travelling too. It comes in a plain oatmeal colour with the option to decorate as you please too.

We hope you can make more conscious decisions for the planet when you’re making your next beauty purchase, remember it doesn’t have to be an expensive change, but of course a better one in long run.

All products have been selected by the FROW Team. If you choose to buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. This will never influence our product selections.

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