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Mayamiko: A Brand on a Mission

Mayamiko: A Brand on a Mission

Many brands and businesses are having to adapt to the difficult times caused by the COVID – 19 outbreak, one example of a brand’s adaptation is clothing brand Mayamiko.

Mayamiko, founded by Paola Masperi, is a brand on a mission, which is to spearhead a more responsible approach to shopping for its customers.

 The main selling points of Mayamiko is that it is ethical, sustainable and zero-waste which makes it stand out against many of its competitors. In the era of fast fashion, this brand is a welcomed breath of fresh air in the fashion industry.

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The brand utilises: “slow and traditional craftsmanship techniques” when making their unique collections of clothing, accessories and homeware products. They also work in connection with global artisans for Malawi to Milan to create trans-seasonal collections.

Mayamiko’s zero-waste policy also adds to their appeal, as the brand makes the most out of their pre-consumer waste products, such as cotton deadstock and reclaimed silk, locally sourced artisanal fabric from Malawi and GOTS certified organic cotton and linen. By reusing these materials, the brand offers an ethical and sustainable shopping experience for its customers.

Each garment made is crafted in the brand’s zero waste solar powered workshop in Malawi and most of the textiles are locally sourced from a cooperative of women traders. They continue to pioneer a: “journey to create a cleaner, fairer and more transparent fashion system that not only minimises the impact on the planet, but has a positive regenerative effect on natural resources and people”.

Instagram – @mayamikodesigned

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has seen the fashion industry be heavily affected. Mayamiko is no exception, however, they are adapting everyday.

They have launched a number of new initiatives in response to COVID-19, such as sponsoring reusable face masks to help vulnerable communities, online zero waste scrunchies making tutorials and bestselling design digital pattern downloads coming soon.

Despite the virus outbreak, Mayamiko’s main goals remain intact, as they continue to promote an ethical, sustainable and zero waste experience, even in these adverse circumstances.


Mayamiko has recently released their newest print capsule for 2020 called Ufulu. Ufulu means freedom in Chichewa, the language of Malawi where the fabrics are sourced and each garment is crafted in the brand’s zero waste solar powered workshop.

 The capsule includes floaty and loose silhouettes that celebrate movement and can be styled in many ways. The capsule features pieces such as dungarees, parachute dresses, kimonos and capes.

The brand’s iconic Dalitso dress, has also been revisited in this capsule after being worn by Meghan Markle during the Africa tour.

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In this year’s Fashion Revolution Week (April 20 – 26th), consumers have been encouraged to consider #WhoMadeMyClothes.

Mayamiko has taken an innovative approach to this, ensuring that customers can know the person who made their clothes, and have a more personal shopping experience.

The brand has started including encrypted QR codes in their products, meaning that garments can be tracked to the maker of that particular clothing article. This practice cements Mayamiko as one of the first brands to use this technology for transparency.  

Mayamiko is definitely a brand worth watching out for, as they offer a principled shopping experience for their customers. They are environmentally conscious, which is attractive to consumers in today’s society.

All in all, they are an sustainable, innovative and creative brand with a mission to change the narrative of today’s fast-fashion dependant industry, with one beautifully crafted garment at a time.

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