Lee Jeans’ latest campaign ‘Created in Kansas’

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Lee Jeans have launched their latest campaign ‘Created in Kansas’ to celebrate their 130th Birthday. That’s right they are 130 years old! No matter what the industry is, reaching a milestone like this is every company’s dream.

The collection is to honour the founder, H.D Lee himself. The brand went back to Kansas, where Lee Jeans was born to collaborate with the next generation of Kansas creatives.

The campaign stars were handpicked, all sharing the same innovative passionate as H.D Lee. Stars include hip-hop artist Kye Colors, the co-founders of Brasstacks, Kevin and Molly Jarvis, Chef and owner of The Russell restaurant, Amante Domingo, Yes You Are songwriter and frontwoman Kianna Alarid, stylist, Amy Appleton Dreyer, and Paper Planes bass player and record producer, Danny Santell – who also produced the music to accompany the moving image campaign.

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