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In Conversation with Nynne Kunde

In Conversation with Nynne Kunde

Liberated by female empowerment, body confidence and making use of organic sustainable fabrics, Nynne Kunde’s eponymous label NYNNE have arrived with their Autumn Winter 21 Collection. The new collection offers a fusion of outerwear and occasion wear, with a focus upon minimalist designs for maximum impact. Championing neutral tones, clean lines and relaxed silhouettes, the collection transcends both a gentle yet strong and uplifting expression of bold femininity.

After her Autumn Winter 2021 collection showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week, we catch up with creative director Nynne Kunde as she reveals all about her latest creative endeavour.  

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

This collection very much noticed that there is a pandemic happening. For me this season lets us try to figure out a way to make clothes for women which are wearable in this kind of setting. It was important for us to find textiles, hues and cuts which were approachable, so we had to look into those wardrobe essentials and how we can turn them into pieces. Also for this collection, the textiles were quite important for us so we really tried to emphasise sustainability where around 60% of this collection is made from recyclable fabrics.

What are your brand doing in terms of sustainability?

For us it is quite important that we try to sell the idea of buying less and buying better. We have our classic Dianna dress with the concept that you have this dress on daily with sneakers, but then take a high heel and go out. You are reusing the purpose of your wardrobe and we are really trying to get that through to our customers. Internally in the clothes as well we have used recycled wools, polyester, viscose and pure cotton for this season. If we are buying new, let’s try see if we can take materials from things that have already been used. Of course it is still a work in progress but it is a really big focus for us this season.

Has the Dianna Dress made its way into the new collection?

Yes it has, that is the dress we keep doing, it is my iconic piece, it is what people know me for so of course we would not take that away. It comes in a recycled clear wool in green and also a shiny piece, as well as a top version. We are emphasising on that whole shape but also taking that smocking technique detail and applying it to different silhouettes. Normally with smocking it has been very much associated with being tight bodycon, but we are trying to use the technique in different ways.

How did you fuse London and Scandinavia into the new collection?

Since I am from Denmark and have lived in London for eight years it comes naturally to me. But also the fact we have pieces which are uplifting with colour and take different extravagant cuts from London, but then merging that with urban clean lines from Copenhagen. I feel I have a different approach than other Danish designers in Copenhagen as I am taking that and then taking an opposite in London but it does marry each other quite nicely.

As well as sustainability, I know that female empowerment is really important to your brand with the nine influential women who have also inspired your collection, how did you select them?

For me it was really important for the women to stand out and do things their own way – for example one is a comedian and to be a comedian in Denmark is very tough as there is very few women in the field. But at the same time celebrating women and those keystones of how can we make these women stand out. I have been researching a lot of women and seeing what would be nice to represent NYNNE. There are so many different body types, diversities, ages and different stages of life, not just one type of woman. It is about uplifting women.

How do you feel the pandemic has affected your brand either in a good or bad way?

I think it is both actually. Of course in the bad ways, it is a fight to get the sales going in but I think we managed quite well to stay level-headed. It really gave me time to think about what I wanted to do with the brand so now it is getting a bit more personal and you can see what the brand is really about. Also regroup, because now I do not need to do 40 looks instead we are doing 18. It is about those pieces and making them count.

What do you see for the future of the brand?

I would hope that of course we are growing steadily and organically with more people getting to know the brand. We are now trying to engage with a community of women and having women joining our brand. Of course it is a fashion brand but it is more than that. It would be nice to grow as brand and see more growth globally because at the moment we are very much in Europe.

Check out some of the key pieces in the collection below!

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