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How To Get Your Summer Glow On From Home

How To Get Your Summer Glow On From Home

Although the summer feels like it never properly got started, the holiday season is here. With lockdown restrictions easing, flights are back on. With stricter measures abroad and 2-week quarantines necessary for some locations, we understand there is still some uncertainty about going away.

So how about being able to get an identical glow from the comfort of your own home, whilst not doing any intense damage to your skin?

Heres some products to keep your tan game strong.

One of the most common formulas you find for self-tanning is a mousse. Coco & Eve have a scrumptiously smelling self-tanning mousse to give you a golden glow. Their Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam develops quickly and leaves you smelling of a tropical holiday. It’s enriched with natural antioxidants like mango, fig and cocoa that help improve signs of ageing. Just one application does you the world of good and doesn’t leave any nasty streaks after it’s washed off.

Bali Bronzing Foam (200ml) £29.90

A different common formula would be a liquid one from Fake Bake. Their Flawless Self-tan Liquid includes naturally derived ingredients and vegan friendly. With liquid and foam applications, it’s easier to see where you have applied the tan, so you don’t end up with any uneven patches or otherwise known as the ‘tiger look’.

Flawless Self-Tan Liquid (170ml) £24.95

Bondi Sands’ coconut smelling Self-Tanning Mist. This product gives a great natural-looking glow to your skin by two coats. I left it on overnight and for once didn’t have any fear of it transferring onto my bedding or clothes. The product dried quickly after application and leaves a lovely smell on your skin, whilst making you feel moisturised and rejuvenated by the Vitamin E. Unlike a natural tan, where you feel burnt and dry.

Self-Tanning Mist (250ml) £14.99

Gradual tanners are also handy to use. The sweet-smelling Organic Sunless Tanning Creme by Soleil Toujours leaves you with a lovely subtle tan overnight. It’s a great formula to apply after a shower as the Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin C and E work well together to make you feel moisturised.

Organic Sunless Tanning Crème (177ml) £47

The more you build up the layers you apply the deeper tan you get. From one application I did wake up to a subtle glow to my skin, which smelled divine. The only downfall is it is tricky to see where you have already applied it on the skin so make sure your whole body feels moisturised top to toe.

Another great gradual tanner is by Dove, the DermaSpa Summer Revived Lotion. This one combines Cell-Moisturisers with natural-looking tanners and light-reflecting particles. You start to notice the colour in your skin after a couple of applications. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

Summer Revived (200ml) £7.69

This product has also been used over the internet as a tanning hack to apply on-top of your fake tan to make it last longer.

If you just wanted to that colour to your cheeks without ageing them by sunlight, we would recommend Tropic. Their Gradual Tanning Face Serum gives you a dewy face, whilst also looking more tanned. It’s packed with tanning technology and a variety of skin-brightening fruit extracts such as Plant Allo-melanin, Passionfruit extract and Coconut water.

Gradual Tanning Facial Serum (30ml) £22

To apply, mix the serum with your chosen face moisturiser and each day it will build more colour up in your face. It’s definitely streak-free but just be mindful when mixing your products as you don’t want to end up with orange hands!

Happy tanning!

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