GOOD AMERICAN launch a UK size 15

We’ve all been there, stood in a dressing room wishing that this season’s jeans fitted you. One size is too big, one size is too small and you’re somewhere in-between. However, gone are the days of stressing because GOOD AMERICAN are here to save the day with the launch of their new size. 

Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede founded GOOD AMERICAN with women and their bodies at the heart of their mission. Their latest project is yet further evidence that theirs is a design driven by comfort, practicality and most importantly, suitability. The launch of their UK size 17 fills a gap in the market that has for so long been problematic for women. 

The size difference between a 16 and an 18 is larger than the other gaps due to the jump to ‘plus size’ patterns that size 18 symbolise. As a result, many women find themselves in a grey zone in which their body is neither one or the other. 

GOOD CURVE, the name of their new project, champions intelligent tailoring that results in jeans that really fit the woman. From high rise cuts and corset-style waistbands to comfort stretch fabric and cleverly placed stitching, the fruit of the project is a highly desirable product that is guaranteed to revolutionise the industry.