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Fuzz free: Autumn hair removal for sensitive skin

Fuzz free: Autumn hair removal for sensitive skin

Autumn is great for so many reasons (golden leaves…snuggly jumpers…Strictly…) but alongside the cosy comfort of this time of year goes a carousel of central heating, cold and rain which can leave already sensitive skin feeling frazzled.

By themselves, redness, flaking and dryness can be hard enough to contend with without throwing hair removal into the mix as well. So when it comes to defuzzing, are there are any ways we can make it a little easier on our skin? Luckily some hair removal methods are less traumatic than others.

For those who like hair removal to take care of itself while you get on with the rest of life, hair removal creams now often offer sensitive-specific versions.


Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream contains both aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe, while the softer regrowth compared to the sharp edges of hair removed by razor can be easier on sensitive areas.

If you can’t bear to part with your razor though, try switching to one with cushioned edges and an inbuilt moisturising strip (in addition to shaving gel).  The Gilette Venus Proskin Sensitive Razor, has five blades spaced closed together for minimal drag, as well as an aloe vera moisturse strip.

Take care to change razor blades often though, since sharper blades remove hair quicker, while blunt edges pull at skin and often require multiple goes.

For the face, instead of waxing consider switching to plucking.  Although both are slight skin irritants, plucking should only affect the skin follicles containing the hairs you remove, while waxing removes skin cells at the same time as hair.

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The ultimate sensitive skin friend, though, is laser removal. Definitely one to save up for, this solution is expensive and can take around eight weeks of treatments to see results, but the pay-off could be up to a 90 per cent permanent reduction in hair.

While this is great news for cutting down on the amount of time removing hair from sensitive skin, it also helps tackle the issue of ingrown hairs; often the cause of post-hair removal irritation.

In salon treatments can cost around £320 per treatment for the legs alone, but at home products are also available too, like the Philips Lumea Prestige, a gentle IPL device designed for all parts of the face and body.


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