Everything you need to know about your Intimate Care Regime…

Lets face it, we all do it, but no one talks about it! In an era where women are breaking boundaries left, right and centre, we thought it would be fitting to discuss all things intimate care, the do’s the don’ts and the how to’s. We all know that shaving in rush is the surefire way to earn yourself a raging case of razor burn especially in the pubic area. So, we’ve complied some of our top products to prevent razor burn and keep that itch at bay!

Everything you need to know about your Intimate Care Regime…

FROW’s Top Vegan Beauty Products

If you’re committed to cleaning up your diet and adopting a vegan lifestyle, why not clean up your beauty cupboards too? The vegan beauty movement has swept the beauty industry by storm as natural ingredients are quickly becoming more prevalent than ever – and for good reason. 

While some are buying vegan products to solve issues like skin sensitivity, others are concerned about the long-term effects that many studies suggest that using chemically harsh products on your skin can lead to concerns beyond irritation. We have compiled a roundup of the best brands on the market to bring you our top vegan beauty buys this season.

FROW’s Top Vegan Beauty Products

Jo Malone & the 2018 Breast Cancer Campaign

The Breast Cancer campaign is a philanthropic initiative that is supported by the Estée Lauder company. Its message is simple and clear: #TimeToEndBreastCancer

Jo Malone London is part of the worldwide movement that involves over 70 countries to support the education and medical research done to battle and, hopefully defeat, cancer. To raise awareness and continue this support, Jo Malone will be donating £20 in the UK and €25 in Ireland to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation from the sale of every Red Roses Cologne in October.



“In life, time is a universal constant. It is finite, precious and can’t be bought. We all wish we had more of it. It’s time to take action; time to increase education. It’s time to develop treatments and new therapies. It’s time to fund the world’s leading research 


to bring us closer to a cure.”

For more information visit www.bcrf.org


London Fashion Week teams up with Nivea

In partnership with London Fashion Week, Nivea has launched its new Black & White Invisible deodorant – a backstage staple that is guaranteed to keep you as fresh as the looks on the runway!

The limited edition can features a timeless monochrome design to match its name and the floral flourish is very art-deco…perfect for Fashion Week. 

The deodorant has a unique formula that ensures 48 hours of protection and, even better, it is anti-stain. Impressively, it leaves no white marks and prevents the build up of yellow stains on clothes. As the Nivea Black & White Invisible deodorant is this year’s official partner of London Fashion Week, you’d be a fool to miss being on trend and not to snap this little lifesaver up. Get it here.