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Cameron Silver – Vintage Maven

Cameron Silver – Vintage Maven

Cameron Silver has formally been known for his knowledge of fashion history and design. He has built his career on the topic; giving lectures, writing books, and launching one of the first designer vintage stores, Decades, in not only California but the United States. His experience and understanding of classic designers got him noticed by personal clients at home and abroad. His wit, charm, and intelligence solidified his place as a global fashion ambassador. Now, Cameron has traded in the title of vintage maven to become a modern clothing master. This is both an unexpected but perfect fit, as Cameron is at the helm of one of the most iconic fashion houses and names in style, Halston._

You are known in the industry for your knowledge of fashion history and a guru of vintage. How was the transition from you vintage business decades into a modern clothing line Like H by Halston?

Fashion is all about storytelling and having Decades as a stage for twenty years made me really good at storytelling, and now I just do it with more affordable clothing that is accessible but still fashionable. So really, it is a very natural transition. 

You are originally from the West Coast and spent most of your time in Los Angeles. Now, H by Halston has brought you to the East Coast mostly to New York. What’s the difference you see in the West vs. East Coast style?

Los Angeles goes two ways, supercasual, like Los Angeles kind of invented the trend of athleisure but, also its exported super glamour for red carpet events. It’s an incredibly influential city in fashion that doesn’t necessarily get its props. It’s not the fashion capital of the world but, I say what is in a global fashion digital economy? I think that dichotomyin Los Angeles is very interesting and actually has infiltrated the way people are beginning to dress on the east coast. Obviously, if you go to a New York ladies who luncheon everyone is really dressed very elegantly like they are going to a gala. But, in general, everyone dresses very like they live in Malibu.I don’t care if you’re on the Upper East Side or in West Chester it’s very casual now. I think we all dress very similarly, like a uniform. There is always a t-shirt, a legging, that’s what everyone runs around in and it doesn’t matter where you go. Maybeyour legging cost $60 or $600 or maybe it was $16. Maybe your t-shirt is modal from H by Halston for $30 or one from The Row for $600. It is the same kind of uniform in real life dressing. 

You talk a lot about uniform dressing. Can you talk about H by Halston and its formula for today’s dressing? Can this athleisure brand go from the office, out and back home

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Absolutely. I do however tell people all the time that you want to look like you are someone who goes to the gym not that you just came from the gym. The whole idea around athleisure is that you’re not wearing sweatpants. You are wearing a sleek jogger, that you could wear in a professional setting with the right shoe and a chic little blouse. You bring those more professional elements into the outfit. What I like to think we do is not only relatable to every woman at every point in her life but, that your clothes shouldn’t just be segmented into certain times zones and time periods. I think when women purchase something they think how will this work casually, or going to work, or going out at night. I think they want to know how that one 

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