Blooming Lovely!

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If you spend a few minutes scrolling through Bloom Twins’ Instagram feed, you’d be forgiven for perceiving them as intimidating, brooding fashionistas. Their pictures are stylised, their hair is sleek and they ooze youthful insouciance.

However, as is so often the case with social media, things are not as they seem. Yes, they are stylised. Yes, their hair is sleek. And yes, they are very cool. Yet, behind the cleverly choreographed photographs are two goofy young women with a lot to say about the world. From politics and mental health to body confidence and social media, the Twins have ideas that challenge and push social boundaries. They are conversation starters.

“We want our music to make sense of conversations that cannot be articulated,” they tell me, “it’s not just about us. It’s about everyone. We want to send a message.” Theirs is a brand that works on many levels: the visual, the audio and the emotional. They are singers, they are models (Signed to Models 1), they are actresses. Most importantly, however, they are intelligent women determined to use their platform to make a difference. 

Photographer Credit: Aaron Hurley

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